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Invitational Qualification

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How to qualify

Winning A Tournament

By placing 1st on one of the associated tournaments, you will automatically qualify for the Invitational.

Top 10 On The Leaderboard

Fight your way through Pools at each

event and earn points for the

Circuit Leaderboard.

Get Voted By Your Community

Barely missed the qualification?

Get in with the Wildcard by mobilizing your fans and friends to vote for you !

About Us

The “European Smash 4 Pro Circuit” is a collaboration between well known tournament organizers in Europe to promote Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in the eSports scene. It is the perfect opportunity to finally work together and help the Smash scene grow even more. The circuit also aims at increasing sponsors’ interest in this rapidly expanding domain. Finding sponsors will allow the game to find new resources and will help increase its recognition as a true eSports game in Europe, too.


The 2017 edition will include 5 major tournaments, which will take place in 5 different countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland), followed by an invitational event. The last event may be organized in the country of the Main Sponsor of this circuit. Only the best 16 players may qualify for the invitational and smash their way to the title of Europe’s best player.

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