Next Event: Deflagration - February, 2nd - 4th - Strasbourg, France


In which countries will the tournaments of the circuit be held and at which date?
  1. United Kingdom, London → 1st and 2nd July 2017
  2. France, Marseille → 26th and 27th August 2017
  3. Switzerland, Geneva → 22nd and 23rd September 2017
  4. Germany, Berlin → 27th, 28th and 29th October 2017
  5. Spain, Barcelona → 17th, 18th and 19th November 2017
  6. Invitational Event → further information will be released soon → December 2017
Who can participate in the Circuit?
  • Everyone who is aged 12 or older
  • Everyone who lives in an European country.
Who can qualify for the Invitational event?
How does the Scoring System work?

  • Earning points to climb the leaderboard are essential to qualify for the Invitational event.
    Your seeding for the Invitational event will also depend on how much points you have.

  • 1st place 250 points
    2nd place 200 points
    3rd place 160 points
    4th place 130 points
    2x 5th place 100 points
    2x 7th place 85 points
    4x 9th place 55 points
    4x 13th place 34 points
    8x 17th place 21 points
    8x 25th place 13 points
    16x 33rd place 8 points
    16x 49th place 5 points
    Every participant (symbolic) 1 points
What is the prize for the winner of the Invitational?
  • A trip to EVO 2018 + accommodation and participation fees
How many stocks will be played in the Circuit?
  • 2 stocks, the timer is set to 6 minutes.
Is every set Bo3? Or Bo5?
  • Every pool set will be played in a Bo3 format. Top 16 will be played in Bo5, though this may be changed at discretion of every Main TO in case of major delays.
    Final bracket will definitely be played with a Bo5 setting.
What is the stagelist of the circuit?
  • Starter list:
    • Battlefield (BF)
    • Final Destination (FD) *
    • Smashville (SV)
    • Lylat Cruise (LC)
    • Town & City (T&C)
  • Counterpick list:
    • Dreamland64 (DL64)

* Final Destination and Omega Stages are treated as the same stage during striking, counter picking and banning. If Final Destination is struck/banned, Omega Stages are struck/banned and vice versa. You may only choose the following Omega Stages:
  • → Midgar
  • → Suzaku Castle
  • → Kalos Pokemon League
  • → Wily Castle
  • → Gaur Plain
Can I choose to play on a stage that I had previously won on?
  • No. You can’t play on the last stage you won. Dave’s stupid rule applies for the circuit according to Rule 2.2.3 Stage Clause

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